• I have been using Eben for over 7 years and found his work excellent. He has consistently produced high quality work compared with other labs that tend to lose their attention to detail after a while. Eben makes all of my practice's private crown and bridge work and over the last 18 months has been making my implant retained crowns and bridges. We use Nobel Biocare implants and all of the work has been excellent and the patients very happy. Eben is always available to discuss cases and I have found that he has excellent knowledge of materials and the numerous system/brands that are available. Eben updates his skills and training regularly and to compliment this his equipment. I look forward to many more years working together. Thank you.

    Dr Sej Patel Principal - Kent House Dental Clinic
  • Eben is a my local, reliable implant-technician. He has a meticulous yet relaxed manner. We work together well and he forms an integral part of my team in achieving the best results for my patients.

    Dr Mish Sachdev   BDS Hons (Lond), MJDF RCS (Eng), MClinDent Perio, MRD RCS (Eng), M (Rest Dent) RC PS (Glasg)
  • I have been working with Eben for over 9 years where he has been involved with advanced restorative crown, bridge and implant prostheses. I must say that his expertise especially in this intricate discipline is ex plenary. The importance of precision fits of implant prostheses is very important and Eben certainly has the skills to perform this. 
We are together looking into the prospect of Cad / Cam technology with digital impressions for the future and Eben has the skills and knowledge in this field.
Eben has helped me with very difficult full arch implant prostheses with frequent in house laboratory assistance which in my view is extremely important .This sort of assistance is very reassuring and from the patients point of view a very good practice builder because patients feel they are being looked after well.
As an implant surgeon an excellent technician is crucial and Eben certainly has all the knowledge to help new and experienced dental surgeons progress in this very challenging field. He has a very broad knowledge of most of the key systems.
We run mentoring courses and have open days on a regular basis especially for new dentists who want to restore implants and Eben's assistance with their first few cases have always been very supportive and helpful. 
I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Eben for any restorative treatments as his technical skill is ex plenary . 
Best regards

Implant surgeon 
  • I have been using Oak Dental Studio for my general crown and bridge for about a year now. Transferring from my previous lab was a very difficult decision as I don't like to compromise on quality and I like predictability. The quality of the work has been very good and most importantly it has been consistent. Communication with the lab is very easy and Eben is a very approachable person, who likes to work with me to achieve a really good outcome. I don't think they have sent one piece of lab work back late in the time I have been using them. Because of all this I have started to send my implant work to them as well, and I am very pleased with the results. I know changing labs is one of the hardest things for a dentist to do, but I am very glad I made the choice to use Oak Dental Studio.

    Dr Zaki Bashir Principal - Bromley Dental Practice
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